Update from Catholic Charities on COVID-19

CPO is reopening on Friday April 10th.   The good news is that with help from a Pandemic Expert we have been able to rework our processes to provide safety for our clients, staff and volunteers!

We will be open on Monday / Wednesdays / Fridays from 10 am – 1 pm to distribute FOOD ONLY (No clothing) during the remainder of the Coronavirus “curbside pickups.” 

We will continue to use our policy of Clients receiving groceries once every 30 days.

- Clients will come to CPO during our open days and hours for curbside pickup.

- NO REFERRALS are needed during this time. 

- Clients will be directed by a traffic monitor to the appropriate line of new or returning clients.

- Once in line, the Client will pull up to a parking spot that has a phone number listed.  They will call the number and be connected via a phone bank to an interviewer.

- Clients will be able to choose between English and Spanish after dialing into the phone bank.

- The interviewer will take all the appropriate information over the phone to create the order.  We are still distributing our TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) allotment as well as distributing diapers, formula and baby food to families with small children if they are available.

- The interviewer will determine if clients can load their own groceries from the designated loading area.

- The interviewer will communicate via radio to the Expediter the needed information so that the runners can deliver the groceries to the Client loading area.

- The interviewer will stay on the line with the client until they have pulled into the loading area and then hang up to allow the Client to load their groceries.

- The Client will exit the parking lot after groceries are loaded.