CPO Operations During COVID-19 Crisis

  1. We are still open but have instituted “curbside” food pickups in our parking lot only. We will be suspending our Saturday hours but will be open Monday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm.

  2. We are still accepting referrals and the Hispanic Family Center is still giving referrals to Hispanic clients who need them. During this Corona virus only we are giving onsite referrals for all clients whose referral source is not available. Myra Bradley, our Family Table Case Manager-who also runs a non-profit “Women that Care” independent of her role at CPO, is providing referrals to clients without them so no one is sent away without food!

  3. We have suspended distributing clothing, but we are still distributing our TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) allotment due to some changes in the program communicated by the NCDA. We are also distributing diapers, formula and baby food to families with small children.

  4. We have restricted the people in the building and are also maintaining distances for safety. We are providing gloves, hands sanitizer, soap & water and spraying down surfaces with Lysol for all those who are working or volunteering at CPO.

  5. If you need to cancel/suspend volunteer hours, please notify Kathy Barnack at 919-847-1466 (call or text) or e-mail CPOvol.coordinator@raldioc.org to let her know. Our volunteer’s safety and well-being is our first concern. Please notify Kathy when you are ready to be added back to the schedule after the crisis passes.

  6. If you know of any people who are looking for volunteer opportunities due to being out of school or working at home with flexible work hours, please have them contact Kathy to be added to the schedule.