We're running short...and out!

Of our clients who receive clothing,
64% receive over half

their children's clothes from CPO.

- There are NO MORE BOXES of Boys’ toddler (sizes 3T-6X) summer clothing in our warehouse—we are completely out except for a few donations to be sorted!!

- And we have little-to-no underwear, socks, bathing suits or shoes for toddler boys, or summer pajamas for either boys or girls.

- We are also running very low on baby blankets.

Know anyone who is cleaning out kids’ closets, is looking for an excuse to go to yard sales, or would love to knit or crochet infant blankets? Or know of a group looking for a project? Any other ideas, anyone?

All the clothing
that we distribute is received through
in-kind donations.

CPO distributed clothing for 2,437 children during the first four months of 2018. Your donations make a difference!!!

All donations to CPO are tax deductible.