Clients Waiting for CPO to Open

Over 200 agencies and churches throughout Wake, Franklin, and Johnston counties refer clients to CPO for emergency food assistance.  Referring agencies include social workers, medical providers, minsters, school counselors and others who work with those who are struggling in our community.

We require a referral, because we want to make sure our clients are working with someone to help them with other needed resources.

Requirements for Referral

Every client that comes to CPO must have a referral from a social service agency.  The referring agency must complete the information that is provided on the referral. If you are interested in becoming a referring agency, please contact our Director.


A client is eligible to return to CPO every 30 days with a new referral each time. We need to see social security cards or some form of id for each family member on the referral.

Picking Up for Client

If a client is homebound or lacks transportation, another person may pick up groceries for the family, as long as he or she brings the family's referral. For us to include TEFAP food (defined below) in an order that you are picking up for a client, you must have a Sick and Shutin form signed by the client. This form is available in Engish and in Spanish on our Publications page.

TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program)

This federal program provides a small amount of extra food that a client might qualify for every 90 days - if we have any of the program food.  The client must sign a document that their household income is below a certain level or that their household receives Food Stamps.

Clients may authorize someone else to pick up for them by filling out the following form and bringing it with their referral:

TEFAP Eligibility Form for Sick/Shut-In Clients (pdf) or TEFAP Eligibility Form for Sick/Shut-In Clients in Spanish (pdf)

The form is good for one year (from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30).

Client Walk Through

  1. Client comes through CPO's front door and is greeted by a volunteer who will take their referral.  Clients are served on a first-come, first-served basis and everyone who arrives during the time that we are open will be served.
  2. The client goes to the waiting room and waits to be called.
  3. A brief interview is held to make sure the family's information in in our database and the interviewer will match their needs with what we have.
  4. If the client needs maternity clothes or small children's clothing, he or she will receive a slip of paper to go to the Clothing area to look for clothes.
  5. The client then waits back in the waiting room for their groceries to come out on a cart.

For a brief slideshow of a client's trip to CPO, click here.