Play the slide show below to view a client's visit to CPO and the general flow of events to provide food and basic infant clothing.

Meet a Client

Our clients come from all over the surrounding area, Wake, Johnston and Franklin counties. People are referred to CPO by human service agencies, churches, medical providers, and school counselors who see first hand those who struggle in our community. Upon arriving at CPO and completing our short interview, the client can receive a week's worth of groceries every 30 days -on average a family visits CPO 2.9 times a year.

Elizabeth is in her late 70s, on dialysis, and has custody of her 5 grandkids. Their mother is in prison. She told us she has plenty of room in her house, but needed help with food and clothes for the kids. CPO was able to help her with both.

kidEatBreakfastFelicia is a single mom that was in a car accident last spring. She suffered a stroke due to her injuries. She lost her job because she could not work, and is 2 months behind on her mortgage. Felicia is waiting for disability approval, but in the meantime will probably lose her house and car. She came to CPO through Wake Co. after applying for food stamps. Felicia had completely ran out of food for herself and her daughter.

JimNoHeadJim is a single man in his 40s. He was laid off from a technology job in RTP about 6 months ago and has not found work yet. His savings are gone, and he is about to lose his house. He has no food, so he approached his church which sent him to CPO.

Margaret is a single working mom with 4 kids living out of their car.  She has a teenage son that the shelters will not accept, unless he goes to a men's shelter.  Margaret refuses to separate her family.  She has a cooler and access to a microwave.  CPO provided groceries to the family, and a referral to Wake Inter-Faith Hospitality Network.