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CPO's Mission

As an expression of Catholic social teachings, the mission of Catholic Parish Outreach is to serve the needy families and individuals of our community by providing supplemental food and young children’s clothing.

About CPO

Catholic Parish Outreach (CPO) is the largest food pantry in Wake County, NC. CPO is a program of Catholic Charities, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We serve any resident of Wake, Johnston, or Franklin County who is referred to us in writing by an agency (such as the Department of Social Services), church (any denomination), community, or public service organization, based on need, not religion.

Clients are referred to CPO by human service agencies, churches, medical providers, and school counselors who see first hand those who struggle in our community. Clients can receive groceries for their family, clothing (children’s up to age 4 & maternity), and baby items, once every 30 days. 

Our Service Record

Leaders of Wake County Human Services have told us that CPO is the most important source of food in the community. "CPO is about the people and families. I don't know what this community would do without CPO." Lois Hinton, Director of Child and Maternal Health.

In 2018, CPO distributed 2.7 Million pounds of groceries to an average of 8,200 people a month. We have served as many as 12,434 people in one month (Nov. 2013) and 304 families in one day (during Thanksgiving week in 2013).

CPO met these needs with a staff of 4 and 1900 volunteers.

Graph of People Served per Month

Summary of CPO's History

For a detailed history of CPO, click here.

Catholic Parish Outreach was established in 1977 by Sisters Ann Joseph & Louise Hill (Order of the Daughters of Charity). Catholic Parish Outreach was founded by St. Raphael, St. Joseph, Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Lourdes, and St. Mary parishes in the Raleigh area.

In the mid-1980's, the parishes asked Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh to assume administration of Catholic Parish Outreach. Now CPO is an outreach ministry of the parishes in the Raleigh Deanery. Catholic Charities is honored to partner with the parishes of the Raleigh Deanery to offer this much needed service to those in need of food and clothing assistance.

Over the years, the growing client base resulted in a number of moves to larger facilities.

  • Tarboro Street (a former barber shop)
  • Franklin Street (1983)
  • Capital Blvd. (1987)
  • Noblin Road (2003)
  • Raleigh Blvd (Nov 2008)